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Classical Civilisation



Course Description


This A level consists of 3 components


Course Content:

Component Group 1: The world of the Hero

Topic areas: Homer’s Odyssee and Virgil’s Aeneid

This component is solely focused on the study of literature in translation.

Component Group 2: Culture and the arts

Topic area: Imperial Image

This component involves the study of visual and material culture combined with literature in translation.

Component Group 3: Beliefs and ideas

Topic area: Politics of the Late Republik

This component involves of an area of classical thought, in combination with either the  study of literature in translation or visual/material culture.

Occasional trips to museums and historic sites are also part of the Sixth Form experience.

Assessment Format

Component 1: externally assessed written examination: 40% (100 marks)

Component 2: externally assessed written examination: 30% (75 marks)

Component 3: externally assessed written examination: 30% (75 marks)

Board: OCR

Course Entry Requirements:

Grade 5 in English Language.

Teacher to contact: Mr G Douglas