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Film Studies

This Film Studies course is designed to introduce A Level learners to a wide variety of films in order to broaden their knowledge and understanding of film and the range of responses films can generate.


Course Content

Component 1 : Varieties of film and filmmaking.

Component 2:  Global filmmaking perspectives.

Component 3:  Production (Practical)

Assessment Format

Component 1 (35%)

Written examination 2.5 hours

One question comparing two Hollywood films, one from Classical Hollywood (1930 – 1960) and one from New Hollywood (1961 – 1990).

One question comparing two American films, one from the mainstream and one from the contemporary independent tradition.

One question comparing two British films.


Component 2 (35%)

One question comparing two global films one from Europe, and one from outside Europe.

One question requiring reference to a documentary film.

One question requiring reference to one Silent film or group of films.

One question requiring reference to a range of experimental films.



Component 3 (30%) - Practical

Either a short (4-5 minutes) or a screenplay for a short film (1600-1800 words)

Or, An evaluative analysis (1600 – 1800 words)



Board : Eduqas

Course Entry Requirements:

GCSE grade 5 in English Language




Teachers to contact: Mrs Fielder-Suszka and Mr Fairhurst