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Careers education, information, advice and guidance

The Howard of Effingham School is proud to have been awarded the Quality in Careers Standard in July 2018.  This is a nationally accredited award which is externally assessed.  Reassessment will take place in 2021 which ensures that our school is constantly measuring and assessing the impact of our careers programme.  Internally, we complete the Compass Careers Benchmark tool twice a year to ensure our students are getting the maximum guidance from our Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance programme.

At Howard of Effingham School, we value the impact of careers education highly.  We have a stable, structured careers programme ensuring that all students have access to good quality information about future study and career options.  We ensure that care is taken to break down stereotypes of the past and support our students in their own choices.

  • All students have the opportunity to meet employers and learn more about different careers through our annual Future Options Fair and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) Fair.
  • Links to careers are embedded into each curriculum area and faculties utilise local links to provide career role-models for students to learn from.
  • There are regular visits to universities and colleges for all year groups to increase their aspirations and motivation to achieve their goals.
  • Students in all year groups participate in assemblies focusing on a range of future options pathways.
  • During Learning for Life, students are prepared for future success at each stage of their education.

Our own Careers Leader is available for drop-in sessions three days a week and meetings can be requested with our external careers advisors for both students and parents.

If you are an employer who would like to participate in our Future Options or STEM Fair, please contact our Careers Leader (

Year 7

Students in year 7 will have access to the career profiling website “Fast Tomato” and will spend time in their Learning 4 Life sessions considering their personal skills and characteristics.  They will have the opportunity to learn from individuals in different industries directly through visits and presentations.

Year 8

In year 8, students continue to reflect on and refine their Fast Tomato profile and also have access to our independent careers advisors.  They will be able to participate in the Fairtrade Enterprise Challenge and will participate in the Growing Aspirations Career Programme.

Year 9

Students will increase their knowledge of employers and widen their understanding of future options through their visit to the Surrey Careers show.  They will be able to discuss their Options in their Learning 4 Life sessions and will work with the Careers Advisors.  Parents are encouraged to engage in the students’ choices at the Key Stage 4 Information Evening where independent careers advice is available.  Students continue to use and refine their Fast Tomato profile.

Year 10

Students in year 10 participate in the work experience programme and engage in a structure scheme in their Learning 4 Life which focuses on the work place environment.  Parents of students in year 10 are offered guidance to support their children at the Year 10 Parents Evening.  Later in the year students begin their participation in the What’s next? Career Programme where they will receive a presentation from our careers advisor and then complete a short questionnaire which informs our careers advisors of the type of support which may be required.

Year 11

In year 11, students continue to develop their Fast Tomato profile with some participating in the more detailed Morrisby Career Profiling Programme.  Time is spent in Learning 4 Life focusing on post-16 options to include apprenticeships, sixth forms courses and colleges.  Families are invited to the Sixth Form Open Evening to learn more about the A-levels and BTEC courses offered in the school.  Individual careers interviews continue throughout the year as part of the What’s next? Careers Programme.

Sixth Form

Students in our sixth form are supported throughout their two years through structured learning in their tutorials focusing on the range of opportunities for them.  External speakers are invited in regularly to ensure students have a broad perspective on the opportunities open to them.  The Careers Leader regularly updates students on labour market information and current apprenticeships.  Our careers advisors continue to support individuals throughout their time in sixth form, guiding them in their choices for their future.  The programme Unifrog is used to support students in making their applications for higher education.

Our Careers Leader is Mrs S Quick

- telephone 01372 453694 ext. 793

- email

Our School Governor for Careers is Kirsten Pringle.

This information is reviewed annually in the summer term. 

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