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The Howard Partnership Trust (THPT) is a Surrey based Multi-Academy Trust, comprising four secondary, six primary and two special schools with two further under development. We are proud of our ethos of collaboration and inclusion, "Bringing out the best" in students of all abilities and backgrounds. Visit website

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Learning 4 Life

The Learning 4 Life Programme

At the Howard we recognise the importance of our pastoral care on the personal development of our students.  This year we have extended the afternoon tutor sessions (Learning4Life) to ensure our students are able to fully benefit from their daily contact with their form tutor.  During this time, students participate in various sessions:

Assemblies - these may be Year or House assemblies and are based on current events and topical themes, often linking in with British Values.  External speakers are invited to present on key issues. 

Life Skills - students learn through age-appropriate content which supports them in their personal development and helps prepare them for the future.  Information about the topics covered in each year can be found below.  These sessions cover aspects of the Personal Development curriculum.

Howie Owls (Years 7 & 8 only) -  these sessions support student literacy skills and encourage reading.

Pre-read, read, respond (Years 9 & 10 only) - these sessions support student literacy skills and help develop skills in analysing unfamiliar texts.

Picture News - these sessions provide opportunities to engage with and discuss current news headlines.


 Life Skills topics

 Year 7

'Smart Moves':  designed to support Year 7 in their transition from primary school

Healthy lifestyles:  Encouraging positive physical and mental health

Actions and consequences:  Introducing community values

Staying safe online:  Raising awareness of online dangers

Exam ready:  Explaining revision techniques for the end of year exams

Year 8

Healthy body and mind:  Developing positive physical and mental health

Future options:  Considering possible career choices and routes forward

Staying safe online:  Creating support videos for online risks

British values:  Linking individual values with those of the country

Financial responsibility:  Learning how to manage and control money and assets

 Year 9

Staying safe online:  Linking online risks to behaviours and actions

Anti-racism:  Discussing the issue of race in society

KS4 options:  Supporting and guiding through the options process

Personal well-being:  Practising techniques to support a healthy mind

Being a citizen:  Identifying what it means to be a citizen in 21st century Britain

Career skills:  Developing employability skills

 Year 10

Wellbeing:  Ensuring own positive mental health

Inclusivity:  Raising awareness of the diversity of our society

Work experience:  Introducing the work experience programme

Exam ready:  Explaining how to improve outcomes through positive actions

Staying safe online:  Linking online risks to behaviours and actions

What’s next?:  Considering post-16 options and accessing support

Year 11

RSE (Relationship and Sex Education):  Discussing variety of issues facing individuals in sexual relationships and sexual behaviours in wider society

Personal finance:  Learning to manage an control financial assets

Drugs education:  Discussing issues that face society and individuals relating to the use of drugs

Anti-racism:  Discussing the issue of race in society