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Please note that Further Mathematics is a separate qualification to Mathematics; however, if a student is going to study Further Mathematics, they must also opt to study Mathematics.

Course Description:


Students will study a combination of pure mathematics, mechanics and statistics.  

Pure mathematics takes up 50% of the further mathematics course including topics on proof, complex numbers, matrices, algebra and functions, calculus, vectors, polar coordinates, hyberbolic functions and differential equations.

Statistics and mechanics make up the rest of the course. Topics in these applied areas will build and extend on those studied in  A level Mathematics. Students will develop the use of technology to model and explore solutions to problems including the use of spreadsheets, graphic calculators and graphing software.


Assessment Format

Pure maths paper 1: 1 ½ hours

Pure maths paper 2: 1 ½ hours

Applied maths paper 3: 1 ½ hours

Applied maths paper 4:  1 ½ hours

Students will need to sit A Level exams in Mathematics in addition to these


Board: Edexcel

Course Entry Requirements:

GCSE grade 8 in Mathematics


Teacher to contact: Mr I Brooksbank